Employment Application

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We are currently seeking qualified individuals for Carpenter and Laborer positions, competative wages, and benefits after probationary period. Usually 10 hour days, 40 hours a week.  LOCAL JOBS.  Preference will be given to the most qualified applicants. Below is a list of some, but not all, of the skills required:


• Measure and mark surfaces to lay out work according to blueprints and drawings, using tape measures, straightedges or squares, and marking devices.

• Read blueprints and other specifications to determine methods of installation, work procedures, and material and tool requirements.

• Study specifications in blueprints, sketches or building plans to prepare project layout and determine dimensions and materials required.

• Shape or cut materials to specified measurements, using hand tools, machines, or power saw.

• Verify trueness of structure, using plumb bob and level.

• Build or repair cabinets, doors, frameworks, floors, and other wooden fixtures used in buildings, using woodworking machines, carpenter’s hand tools, and power tools.

• Calculate angles and courses and determine vertical and horizontal alignment of courses.

• Fasten or fuse material to structure with wire clamps, anchor holes, torch, or cement.

• Spread, level, and smooth concrete, using rake, shovel, hand or power trowel, hand or power screed, and float.

• Connect columns, beams, and girders with bolts, following blueprints and instructions from supervisors.

• Hoist steel beams, girders, and columns into place, using cranes, or signal hoisting equipment operators to lift and position structural-steel members.

• Fabricate metal parts such as steel frames, columns, beams, and girders, according to blueprints or instructions from supervisors.

• Install rough door and window frames, subflooring, fixtures, or temporary supports in structures undergoing construction or repair.


• Clean and prepare construction sites to eliminate possible hazards.

• Read and interpret plans, instructions, and specifications to determine work activities.

• Signal equipment operators to facilitate alignment, movement, and adjustment of machinery, equipment, and materials.

• Dig ditches or trenches, backfill excavations, and compact and level earth to grade specifications, using picks, shovels, pneumatic tampers, and rakes.

• Position, join, align, and seal structural components, such as concrete wall sections and pipes.

• Measure, mark, and record openings and distances to lay out areas where construction work will be performed.

• Erect and disassemble scaffolding, shoring, braces, traffic barricades, ramps, and other temporary structures.

• Build and position forms for pouring concrete, and dismantle forms after use, using saws, hammers, nails, or bolts.

• Building and Construction knowledge of materials, methods, and the tools involved in the construction or repair of houses, buildings, or other structures such as highways and roads.

• Position and hold timbers, lumber, and paneling in place for fastening or cutting.

• Clean work areas, machines, and equipment, to maintain a clean and safe jobsite.

• Hold plumb bobs, sighting rods, or other equipment to aid in establishing reference points and lines.

• Align, straighten, plumb, and square forms for installation.

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Awards & Recognition

Best Industrial

Project presented for Best Industrial. Presented by the Montana Contractor’s Association Building Excellence Awards Program.

Best Custom Residence

Project presented for Best Custom Residence. Presented by the Montana Contractor’s Association Building Excellence Awards Program.

Best Industrial

Project presented for Best Industrial for Troop Medical Clinic in Fort Harrison, Montana. Presented by the Montana Contractor’s Association Building Excellence Awards Program.

Excellent Commercial Awning Restoration

Presented for the Ro Sham Bo Building located at 17 & 19 South Tracy Avenue, Bozeman, Montana.

Best Historical Restoration

Project presented for Hamilton Hall on the MSU Campus. Presented by the Montana Contractor’s Association building Excellence Awards Program.